Agnes Carlsson disqualified from MF

by Benny Royston 379 views

Former Pop Idol winner, Agnes Carlsson's dream of representing Sweden at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest appear's to be over. Her entry for Melodifestivalen 2007, has been disqualified following a breach of the competition rules.

Agnes has been disqualified for a breach of one of the most important rules of Melodifestivalen. The popular singer gave an interview on October 5th 2006 to Aftonbladet newspaper. In the interview, she publicly announced that she had entered the competition and gave details of the song. This jeopardised the neutrality of the jury. contacted Christer Bjorkman at SVT for an official announcement. We were told:

"Yes, we had to disqualify Agnes' song. We are in the process of replacing her now.

We are going through the songs that narrowly missed out on the final 28 and try to find a suitable replacement. We'll be working over the weekend, so it should be announced on Monday.

On October 5th, there was an article in Aftonbladet where she claimed "I have written a song and I have sent it to Melodifestivalen. The song is called 'More thana girl'.

This is the most important rule, the jury are not supposed to know who has composed the song. We cannot guarantee that the jury did not see that article, therefore the song has to be disqualified".

Agnes has already won a national televised music competition in Sweden, having won the second series of Pop Idol in the country. She had high hopes of winning Melodifestivalen and representing Sweden at the final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, and had been considered one of the likely favourites.

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