The Gina G Interview – part two

by Benny Royston 60 views

In part two of our interview with Gina G, we talk about the failed attempt to get back to Eurovision, the new single and the future for Gina G. Read on to find out about attempted vote fixing, the big return and why Gina is back for good!

Let�s talk about Flashback. How did that come about.
�Well originally I came up with a stage idea before the song was written, but from me listening to too many people�s opinions, it ended up completely different and completely wrong.

I should have listened to my own intuition and my own judgement and gone with the idea I had in the first place. I�ve leart a big lesson there, when I really feel strongly about something, I�m not going to listen to other opinions. One person changed the whole look of the show and they just shouldn�t have done it.

Orignially it was supposed to be going back to the 80s. Real break-dancers, all these differerent themes, a Boy George lookalike, it was really supposed to be explaining what the song�s about� Flashback, hello?

The idea got completely changed and we ended up with a performance that didn�t match the song whatsoever. I really believe that visually it should have been a picture book of the 80s, but never mind!

There were rumours of underhand tactics by certain other artists in Making Your Mind Up. Can you shed any light on that?
Like people being sponsored by a mobile phone companies? There was a lot of behind the scenes things that the public don�t know about. Yes, we found out for sure that that was going on. One particular person, someone very popular in the tabloids.

But� it didn�t work out for her either
�No, I think she�s still talking about the next single. I still don�t believe I should have come 5th.

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