Tributes flood in for Jan Werner

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The funeral service of Jan Werner Danielsen will be held in Sand in his homedistrict Nord-Odal. There will also be an open memorial ceremony in Oslo for all to attend. Dates and place for the memorial ceremony are yet to be announced, pending the autopsy report that will determine the cause of death. It is his family�s wish that this ceremonial will be open for all to attend. It is also not decided whether any of his artist colleagues will be taking part in any way, says Febe Rognstad, Jan Werner's manager for the past two years.

In a tribute to Jan, we have added the song from the Lion King's Norweigan version, in which he sings the track He lives in you. Click the 'play' icon below.

It was Febe who found him dead in his bed in his apartment in Oslo. She had tried to get in touch with him for over one day, when she decided to go to his apartment. She had an extra key and let herself in, discovering his body. She told VG that I was convinced that he was dead the moment I found him.

Jan Werner Danielsen had just finishd his sixth album which had a release date in early November. It has the working title Stronger, and is said to be his best album ever. Both manager Rognstad and Jan Werner’s family are keen that the album should still be released but details about this will be worked on after the funeral and memorial ceremony.

The reaction in Norway to the sudden death of the singer has been massive. Over 8000 friends and fans from all over the world have signed in a condolence forum at, click here to add your comments, and also at his fansite, click here to add your thoughts.

Elisabeth Andreassen got a phonecall just an hour before she went on air in the televised liveshow Skal vi danse (Shall we dance). This is a show where famous people learn how to dance with professionals, and one couple is voted out every week. Bettan went through with the dance in the show, and said afterwards on TV2 Nettavisen: I was never thinking about resigning. But I was thinking about Jan Werner the whole time. I was dancing for him. Elisabeth found the whole situation unreal, and the sad news didn't get to her before next morning. Then she started to cry, and she told VG that she cried a lot and for a long time.

Also Hanne Krogh, who sang with Andreassen as Bobbysocks! to win the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, finds the message of Jan Werner's death very hard to deal with. She told Dagbladet newspaper: There is only one thing to say about this, and that is that it is truely unmerciful. It is a great loss for friends and family, but also for the whole nation… he was one of the best singers that Norway has ever had… and now we will never know how far he could have made it said an obviously touched Hanne Krogh.

The last time Jan Werner and Bobbysocks! shared the same stage was in the Schlagerparade at Rådhusplassen, Oslo during Oslo Pride this summer.

In 2001 Jan Werner was interwieved by Dagbladet about the Christmas tour together with Elisabeth Andreassen. When asked the question about how he will be remembered, he said: I want to be remembered as a good singer and as a charistmatic and nice person.

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