Malmö live: The Big 5 countries throw a party at Eurovision village

by Juha Repo 190 views

Another sign of  Malmö as a host city  totally embracing the Eurovision Song Contest was how the Big 5 countries Italy, Germany, Spain, The United Kingdom and France offered a free concert at the Eurovision village yesterday, Wednesday.

All the artists performed their Eurovision entries to the hundreds of Malmö citizens present, and most offered also another song from their repertoire.

The biggest reaction seemed to go for Bonnie Tyler, who undoubtedly is the best known artist in this years contest.

There has been much fewer exclusive parties with invitation only as well as free booze and food, but this year the organisers have really managed to put the ordinary people at the centre of the events, and there is loads of free events all over the city for anyone to join in the party.

See photos in our gallery below: