Ukranian Junior participants and titles announced

by Marcus Klier 74 views

The Ukrainian broadcaster NTU announced today which songs and singers will take part in their first national final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Another list that has been published in the internet before turned out not to be correct.

Before the national final, which will be held on 23rd September, there will be another show presenting the artists to the audience on 16th September. In the final, thewinner will bepicked by SMS voting.

The participants are:

  1. Maria Stepanenko (14) – Tanets litnjogo ranku (Dance of the summer morning)
  2. Kateryna Paschenko (11) – I tato, i mama (Father and mother)
  3. Nazar Slyusarchuk (14) – Khlopchyk rock-n-roll (Rock-n-roll boy)
  4. Victoria Petrik (9) – Gojdalka (Swing)
  5. Ilona Galytska (11) – Razom my (We are together)
  6. Yula (Yulia Gavrylenko) (9) – Svjato (Holiday)
  7. Olga Bogatyrenko (14) – Ja zlitayu do nebes (I fly to the sky)
  8. Alina Popova (14) – Bystra rika (Fast river)
  9. Maria Yaremenko (13) – Mij chovnyk (My boat)
  10. Yuliya Shpakevich (14) – Divochi sny (Girl dreams)

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