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Eurovision Song Contest fans might be seeing a familiar face at the 2007 contest, as UK lad Daz Sampson is preparing to have another crack at success. Fresh from a disappointing showing for his home country this year, Daz states “I feel it's my destiny to win it, and I simply have to go back and try again!

Talking about his Athens disappointment, Daz says "I did everything I possibly could on the night. I showed respect to the greatest musical competition in the world. No one at the competition cansay I didn't try to embrace everybody. I always made myself available to the media."

Untroubled by his first experience, Daz continues "How many UK entries do you know who, having been the victim of a touch of neighbourly voting, have come back to these shores saying 'I want to go and do it again'? I have what it takes to win this. I have learned lessons from the week which will stand me in good stead for next year. I have to go again!"

Biggest chart hit since Katrina
Despite a 19th placing in Athens, this week Daz and his girls reached number five in the mid-week charts – the highest chart placing for a UK Eurovision Song Contest entry since Katrina and the Waves peaked at number threein 1997.

Teenage life also reached the number one slot on Amazon.co.uk, and number five in the iTunes chart – beating the Finnish winner Hard rock hallelujah. TV viewing figures reflected that success, with figures reportedly up at least 10% on last year, with half of the UK viewership tuning in.

Daz managed to be as graceful in defeat as he had hoped to be in victory. One of the last standing at the after-show party in Athens, he reflected on the Finnish victory: "Fair play to Lordi, he won on the night… Maybe next year I'll be back with 12 foot wings!"

Morissey versus Daz?
UK rock legend Morissey asked "Why didn't they ask me?" after the UK failed once again, suggesting that he should become the next British attempt to reclaim the former glories of five wins and fifteen second places. To this, Daz suggests "I'd encourage Morrissey to do the same and we'll let the British public choose between us!" So will UK viewers tune in to a battle between the two huge Eurovision fans next year? UK fans can expect some very interesting developments if both artists stay true to their word!

Daz's follow-up album to Teenage lifeis expected in the next few months.

UPDATE: To the Manchester Evening News, Daz said that he will most likely take part in next year's Eurovision Song Contest, but "not representing the United Kingdom".

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