Athens 2006: reactions on the results

by Sietse Bakker 103 views

Apart from one winner, this year's Eurovision Song Contest also ends up with 36 countries that didn't make it. While in some countries, people are generally positive about the result of 'their' Eurovision Song Contest entrant, others are searching for an explaination of their falure.

Malta faces its worst Eurovision Song Contest result ever. The one point from Albania couldn't keep Fabrizio from its disappointing last place. Current Maltasong head Robert Abela expressed his disappointment, while former head Grace Abela fired her critics towards the committee in favour of her own "ignored suggestions". Fabrizio himself blamed his last place to a failing in-ear of one of his backing vocals. "He couldn't use it in the last minute, so sometimes his voice was higher than mine", Fabrizio said. The young singer described his result as "one of the most difficult moments" of his carreer.

Daz, representing the United Kingdom, said that "one of the best acts won the competition". Though, to the Manchester Evening News he said that he has not been able to prove that "politics isn't in danger of killing the greatest music competition on earth", party blaming political voting for his loss.

Greek representative Anna Vissi, who was tipped to bring Greece its second victory, didn't came further than a 9th place. The day after the contest she could be seen crying in front of cameras while telling about her loss. Greek top singer Anna Vissi received 128 points from 22 countries, which guarantuees Greece a place in next year's final.

Norway's entrant Christine Guldbrandsen came 14th with her ballad Alvedansen, although the betting odds and fan polls generally predicted better. "I am not disappointed", Christine said, though she hoped for a top-10 position to qualify the next Norwegian entrant for the 2007 final. "I feel good and along the way, the respons has been very good (…). We gave the best possible performance, we couldn't have done better".

The Armenian delegation was relieved after the final, as Andre brought the debuting nation an 8th position in the final, therefor qualifying for the 2007 final as well. "I was so happy when we qualified for the final, so imagine how we felt when it became clear we made it to the top-10 in the final", Armenian delegation head Diana Mnatsakanyan said to

In Belgium and the Netherlands, two countries that didn't make it to the final, media and viewers are generally negative towards a continuing involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest. "Sick of Eurovision Song Contest", the leading Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf wrote as frontpage headline this weekend. In Belgium, some even suggest that Kate Ryan should pay back the EUR 60,000,- she received from the Flemish government to fund her participation and promotion tour.

More reactions can be expected in the upcoming days!

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