The results: semifinal versus final

by Benny Royston 57 views

One amazing statistic from the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest is that all ten qualifiers from the semifinal finished in the top half of the grand final. Here we look at how the qualifiers performed.

2006 Eurovision Song Contest winners, Finland, won 292 points in both Thursday's semi-final and the grand final. Russia finished second in the final, swapping places with Bosnia & Herzegovina, overturning a 50 point deficit to hold second place in the final 19 points ahead of the Balkan country.

Sweden finished in 4th place in the semifinal, 51 points ahead of 5th placed Lithuania. In the final, Romania (pre-qualified) took 4th, Sweden finished 5th, just 8 points ahead of 6th placed Lithuania.

Ukraine swapped places with Armenia, having finished 7th in both legs, Armenia finished 6th in the semifinal 4 points ahead, but slipped 16 points below Ukraine in the final.

Greece, the only other country to break into the top half in the final took 9th place. Turkey were 8th in the semifinal with 91 points, scored the same number of points in the final.Ireland moved up from 9th in the semifinal to finish one place above them in the final, upping their points total from 79 to 93. FYR Macedonia qualified in tenth place with 76 points and finished 12th in the final, the lowest of the qualifiers, falling from 76 points to 56 in the final.

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