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At 21:00 CET exactly, the Prelude of Te Deum can be heard in millions of European households, marking the kick-off of the final of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. Representing 24 countries, the European televoter will have the difficult choice to pick tonight's winner and, most likely, the host country for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Some important information…

Where can I watch the show live online? By clicking this link, provided by eurovision.tv.

Can I vote and how does it work? Everyone situated in one of the 37 participating countries and Serbia & Montenegro can vote tonight. The numbers to dial or to send an SMS to will appear on your screen. The voting prodcedure will be explained and clarified by your spokesperson.

When can I found the results at esctoday.com? We are doing our very best to bring you the results as soon as possible. Usually, this is within minutes or even seconds after the winner has been announced. Due to preek traffic, you might experience difficulties reaching esctoday.com. We apologise for the possible inconvenience.

We are currently awaiting the final BigPoll results! Stay tuned!

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