Switzerland: Francine must be the right person

by Remi Kübar 75 views

Head of Swiss Delegation Toni Wachter confessed that while Switzerland had not been very successful at Eurovision for the last few years, they felt they have to do something, and when they thought of Francine Jordi, they were sure she would be the right person to improve their chances.

Francine Jordi has three versions of her self-penned song “In the Garden of My Soul”, and confesses she had some sleepless night trying to figure out which language to perform in – English, as many contestants do; German, the language of the countries she is famous in (German, Switzerland, Austria and Germany); or French, a language she loves. She chose the latter:” I wanted to approach the people in the French part of Switzerland where I study, because no one there knows my name.

When asked whether Francine remembered 1988 when Celine Dion won for Switzerland, she confessed that she had watched the show as always, but didn't like Celine's dress at all. About her own dress, Wolfgang Moser, the translator, sitting beside Francine, said that it is “very sexy and transparent”.

Ow Francine…not that close ! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

That's better ! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

Why so happy ? You haven't won yet ! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)