Athens 2006: the temperature is rising!

by Sietse Bakker 153 views

With the second and last dress rehearsal of the final coming to an end, the final of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest is only a few hours away. In less than 10 hours, the winner of this year's competition will be known, as well as, most likely, next year's host country.

Mari-Leen Kaselaan, on stage for Estonia last year with Suntribe and Let's get loud, attended the last dress rehearsal for "My personal favourites are Finland, Malta, Russia, Romania, Croatia and Greece". Asking her about potential winners, she had to admit not to have any idea at all. "Lithuania, Ireland, Switzerland and Israel can surprise, but I am really not sure about it". Being here for two weeks, we were wondering if she wants to represent Estonia once again at the Eurovision Song Contest; "Yeah sure, if someone has a good song for me, I'd love to", she said.

We also spoke to Ralph Siegel, writer of the Swiss entry this year and known for his numerous participations in the Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier this week, he got himself seriously injured when the sink he was leaning on broke of and fell apart. The well-respected song writer will need to undergo surgery after the weekend. We wish him all the best!

More updates later on!

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