Romania now ready for tonight

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The head of the Romanian delegation has spoken out about the dissatisfaction felt at the way their entrant is coming across on TV. Many problems have been plaguing the performance of the song Tornero since the arrivial of singer Mihai Traistariu.

Speaking to delegation head, Dan Manoliu, told how the Romanian's were initiallyunhappy with the lights set for the first individual rehearsal on Monday 15th. The stage was too dark for anything to be seen. The dry ice used in the performance was also causing a concern. After a meeting with host broadcaster ERT, these problems have now been resolved.

But other problems have since occurred. The screen projections on the moving stair cases were not as they were expected to be, with the Romanian delegation wanting the scene of a city at night. Unfortunately, ERT cannot provide them with the backdrop that they are hoping for and a compromise has been reached between the two braodcasters.

In addition, the camera movements and cuts between shots were also not as anticipated. "The choreography has a story behind it, involving two rival dance gangs. Ballet and street and a fight between the two. The dance ends with both gangs being at peace with each other". This is not how it has been coming across on screen however. With most of the dance unable to be seen by viewers. This is something else that is now being fixed by ERT before tonight's live final. Audiences are also unaware that the high note at the begining of the song is sung by Mihai himself. This is something else that TVR are quite keen to be shown. "We want to make it clear to the people at home that Mihai is actually singing, especially the high notes".

In better news, the delegation are now happy with the stage lighting and dry ice effects. The camera work wassorted during last night's second dress rehearsal and the team are now happier. The full effects can be seen in tonights' live final. As one of the bookmakers' favourites, a lot of pressure rests on the performance on the night and Romania will want to make sure that Mihai has the best possible chance to take the trophy back home to Bucharest.

Mihai himself is taking nothing for granted, after Thursday's semifinal, "I was a little concerned after last night results, because Kate Ryan was one the favourites, according to websites and thebetting".

However, after the reception his song recieved during the preview of the final songsin the semifinal contest , he is more confident, "I'm here to win or, at least, get qualified in top four. With or without the winner's place, I think 'Tornero' is an opportunity to start a career in Europe. I've received a lot of good reactions – for instance, a company that conceives ringtones for Cosmote contacted me to get the rights for the song for their Romanian clients in Greece, the record company of Aqua, Hush, Safri Duo told me about their interest in licensing 'Tornero' in Europe. I'm certain my entrywill be a success in many countries even if I don't win the contest", Mihai explained.

You can catch Mihai Traistariu and the 23 other entrants in tonights' live final. 21:00 CET

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