Sarit: Candles are the symbol of peace

by Remi Kübar 255 views

Sarit Hadad, the singer of Israeli song is confident that she has a good song and has every possibility to win the contest. The pressconference just ended.

At the beginning the head of delegation made a statement that they can win, they have a good song and the best singer. “We hope to get home with a first place” , that were his exact words.

Journalists all over the world, but especially from UK where interested if there will be an international album of Sarid Hadad and if there will be a single of Light a Candle in Arabic. Sarid told that they have released the Arabic version in Jordan and it was a great success. They have plans to release an album and a single all over Europe soon.

In case Israel wins they can host the next years show from the organization point of view. They'll looking forward to it and ready to host it, eighter in Jerusalem or in Tel Aviv.

The composers of the song are the same as for Diva, but it's still very different from it.The composers said that they wanted to make a softer song this year.

To the question, how many 12 points will Israel get and from where Sarit answered that she hopes that every country will give Israel 12 points or at least she hopes to get as much points possible.

Sarit surprized all by singing a song in Arabic, which got a stormy applause from the journalists.

She is happy to perform Light a Candle also in other languages. The plans have been made for the releases in English, French and Arabic.

The political topics were kindly avoided, but still the question arised. She was asked if she could do with this song what politicians cannot to and bring peace to Israel. “ I hope to reach every nation in a world and bring peace to everybody“, Sarid said. “Candles are the symbol of peace in Israel and I hope to make a difference“.

At the end she sang a refraine of “Light a Candle” as message for peace all over the world.

Sarit at the press conference smiling to all ESCTODAY visiors ! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright

Sarit during the press conference Photo: André Bandera (Copyright