Official reactions non-qualifying countries

by Sietse Bakker 136 views

The semifinal brought us 10 countries for Saturday's final, but also 13 participants who didn't make it, some more devastated than others.

The biggest shock by far was the fact that Kate Ryan, representing Belgium, favourite among the fans and at many bookmakers, didn't make it to the final. spoke with her right after the semifinal. "I've given everything I could've given. Of course I am very disappointed, but it doesn't help much afterwards", Kate said. "Of course I felt pressure from being in a favourite's position, but I kept my feet on the floor".

Treble, the three Dutch girls representing the Netherlands, appeared to be proud loosers. "You can't imagine how much fun we had the past months. It has been a great adventure and no one can take that away from us", Djem said. "We should continue to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, because it's a very positive event", the girls agreed. "Appearantly, Treble wasn't what Europe wanted", was their conclusion. Will they go home with the first available flight now, just like Glennis Grace did last year? "No, no! Not at all! Maybe we can even spend some more time here to have a short holiday", Nina and Djem said. "And now we are going backstage to give Silvia Night a big, big kiss", they laughed.

Speaking about Silvia Night, who did not use the f-word but said "I'll freaking win", did not come to the press centre after her loss. Appearantly, God's favourite person in the world did not have His blessings tonight. "See you, bye!"

Severine, who represented Monaco, was still backstage. The Assistant Head of Delegation explained that the delegation knew it would be "difficult to qualify", but that they are satisfied with the performance.

More official statements from non-qualified countries can be expected tomorrow!

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