Vote in our BigPoll 2006

by Gordon Roxburgh 58 views

It is back to the semifinalists today, as they face two dress rehearsals today. This time they will have the opportunity to perfect their acts in front of a public audience for the first time. It will also be the first opportunity for the fans and journalists to see how the whole semifinal show will look, with the presenters Sakis Rouvas and Maria Menounos, plus, the opening sequences, the postcards and intervals.

We will be present throughout the day to gauage the reactions of the audience at the rehearsals, which songs went particularly well, and which might have not have been as well received. We will also be covering the press conferences of the presenters scheduled today, and the EBU press conference scheduled for alter on this afternoon.

Over the last few days you have been able to read our reports on the rehearsals and on the press conferences, and you may have changed your mind on what songs you think might qualify for the final, and those that won't.

We would like you to vote in our BigPoll 2006 on the semifinalists, and see if you can predict the results of the songs. We are not asking for you to necessarily pick your favourite songs, but to see if you can be in tune with the tastes of the European public, and work out which songs you think will qualify.

The BigPoll closes at 18:00 CET on Thursday 18th May for the semifinal. We will be giving away prizes to the members who come closest to prediciting the overall results in our BigPoll 2006.

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