Day 5 and six4one

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The first of the finalists, the group six4one representing Switzerland with the song We all give a little composed by the experienced songwriting partnership of Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger, gave a very impressive first rehearsal at the OAKA arena this morning. There were a few small sound problems at the start, as they tried to balance the microphones for all six singers, as initially some voices were coming over louder than others. Liel, the Israeli member of the group, starts the song off, and gradually the rest join her in the vocals, building up to an impressive climax. The choreography is kept relatively simple, and for a lot of the duration of the song the six members are standing in a line.

The set also looked impressive for this, the opening song of the final, with the middle section rising to possibly the highest point seen yet. The background changed in the various rehearsals, but they experimented with a filmed background of different children, another was with doves, and in the final run through stars in space.

The group encourage the audience to join in hand clapping, and at each run through of the song, more and more of the audience joined in, and by the final run though it received a lot of enthusiastic applause. ” Not for the first time, Switzerland are frighteningly good” remarked Keith Mills from the Irish website All kinds of everything.

The conference platform was pretty full, not only were all six singers present, but both composers, the head of delegation, management and a member of the We are what we do organisation, that is supporting the Swiss song.

You shot the video clip in Greece, so are you expecting to receive points from Greece and Cyprus on Saturday? "We shot the video in Greece, as in the winter in Switzerland it's very cold, lots of snow, so it was more practical to shoot it in the warmth of Greece. We hope people will vote for the song".

You were all especially brought together for this group, so do you all get along together, do you ever argue? Keith Camilleri from Malta answered first "That was all part of the selection process, getting used to each others character, we stick together, are comfortable together,and we are sharing this experience together, it is something really special". Tinka added that "We have become very good friends, that will last forever", while Andreas described it was "Love at first sight". Marco from Portugal remarked "It's like a family, for example Claudia is always telling jokes, but we work hard too".

Most of you have tried to be in the contest before, but did you ever think that you would end up representing another country? Keith: "Its been my biggest dream to be in the Eurovision song contest, if you are a young artist in Malta then you want to be in the contest, and if you find a way to go, it's great, an experience".Leil: "It is my first time, as I'm only sixteeen, it's a very emotional project, it is once in a lifetime chance".

France wants to win this contest again…so do you think that you can compose it Ralph? "I am just so glad to be here, at the age of sixty. I do this for fun, and I enjoy it so much, to see the journalists, old and new friends, the commentators. I only won it once, in 1982, and I don't know if I can do it again, but it is my dream to win again. Do you know in France my song from 1980 'Papa Pingouin" was number one in the charts for four weeks. I am glad to be working with these six solo singers, who are all great singers and give it all. They have done a lot of travelling in the last six months, I sometimes don't believe that we are finally here, so I want tot hank the group and Swiss TV. I am so lucky".

With the audition process. Did you start with countries, or a wish list of singers? "Well first was the song, which was done in the summer of last year, and then we had a finished demo. I was not able to submit it for Germany, as there was no chance. So I went through the internet and saw that Switzerland had an open competition and was very fortunate. We tried to look for six Swiss singers originally, but nothing worked out, so then we went internationally. I knew Keith and Tinka, and was aware of Andreas' work, and I had seen Liel in Monte Carlo. I think we started with about thirty singers from about fourteen countries in the casting process, to see whether they could work together, and of course have the voices".

As the contest celebrates its50th anniversary on May 24th, had they received any advice from the first winner from Switzerland, Lysa Assia?Claudia: "I met Lys Assia last week, it wasa great honour and she is such a role model. She told me to have fun and enjoy the experience".

The group six4one return tomorrow morning for their second rehearsal at 11.00

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