Presenting: the finalists!

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Four intensive days of rehearsals have passed, and the semifinalist countries have had their chance to perfect the presentation for Thursday. Now, they have two days to reflect on the performances, and make way for the fourteen finalists!

Switzerland has already kicked off the proceedings withSix4One's first appearance. After their forty minutes on stage, the day goes like this (local Greek times):

  • SWITZERLAND 09:30-10:10
  • MOLDOVA 10:10-10:50
  • ISRAEL 10:50-11:30
  • LATVIA 11:30-12:10
  • NORWAY 13:10-13:50
  • SPAIN 13:50-14:30
  • MALTA 14:30-15:10
  • GERMANY 15:25-16:05
  • DENMARK 16:05-16:45
  • ROMANIA 16:45-17:25
  • UNITED KINGDOM 18:25-19:05
  • GREECE 19:05-19:45
  • FRANCE 19:45-20:25
  • CROATIA 20:40-21:20

Press conferences will take place approximately thirty minutes after the end of each performance. As ever, be sure that your team will bring you the latest breaking news of the day live from OAKA!

France: no problem
The organisers have made a point of confirming that France's rehearsal and press conference will be going ahead as planned, and are not cancelled, as some reports suggested yesterday. Virginie Pouchin will appear this evening as planned.

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