Silvia on a quest

by James Orton 115 views

The last of the semifinal individual rehearsals are now over, and as ever, Icelandic representative Silvia Night made sure they went out in style. Dressed in a white gown straight from a Jane Austen novel, Ms. Night took to the stage to perform her Eurovision Song Contest entry Congratulations. This time, though, her mic was turned off between performances to avoid similar scenes to those on Thursday!

On stage with her two male backing dancers, Silvia once again managed a rehearsal full of mishaps and comedy. Highlights included a dancer'saccidental slip, causing him to be unable to lift Silvia for the finale of the song. Ms. Night on the other hand continued to sing incorrect versions of the song's catchy chorus.

A few changes to the rehearsals from two days ago include Silvia's dress being removed to reveal a shimmering outfit in blue. The dancers also lose clothing during the performance, this time the bottom halves, to reveal tight silver shining pants. And if you're all wondering: yes! She still says she'll "f**king win"!

Ridding the world of ugliness
After the rehearsal, the press conference began with a short video showcasing Silvia's rise to fame in Iceland. When the Icelandic delegation finally arrived, Silvia read a short statement, telling how happy she is with the organisation of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. It was chiefly in reference to the investigation she had promised us, delving into the explicit content in her song Congratulations. Silvia conluded that the competition's ugly and envious people are plotting against her, in a bid to stop her removing ugliness from the world.

Alot of the press had questions for Silvia. The most controversial of questions came when Silvia was asked about the nationallity of her grandfather. Silvia did not like this question and refused to answer it. When asked about fellow competitors, Silvia said of Finland "They are marvellous. The make-up is amazing. I saw them recently without it and man, are they f**king ugly. They will get sympthy votes for sure".

When talking about Swedish rival Carola, Silvia said of Carola's use of flags "I am used to people immitating me". As a final thought on the contest itself, Ms. Night said that she would like there to be a better selection process to stop the people who are taking the competition as a joke from competing.

The conference came to a premature end when Silvia's delegation decided that enough questions had been answered.

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