Oh Lordi they're back!

by Gordon Roxburgh 62 views

The Finnish group Lordi were back on stage this afternoon for their second rehearsal, and the song Hard rock, hallelujah“. Shortly afterwards they faced the media again for the second time, at another very well attended conference.

Having joked at the first press conference that they ate children for breakfast, one fan asked what they had then for dinner? "Crickets, spiders, insects..just like you!". Also at the first press conference they had remarked that we would never see them without their masks on, so in that case what photographs appeared on their accreditation badges for security asked another journalist? "Our real faces of course…these!" Lordi replied pointing at his masked face.

Talking of horror then, what was Lordi's favourite horror movies? "Nightmare on elm street, Aliens series, the remakes of Texas chainsaw massacre, The hills have eyes". From movies it was onto songs and a request to sing Strangers in the night! Lordi replied he didn't know that one, but if it was songs of Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper or Kiss then he would know them.

What about their plans after the contest? Well the advice was to to lock up your daughters! They hoped to do some tours, heavy metal festivals, possibly Germany, but a lot depends on contracts. They are considered as possible favourites to give Finland its first victory in 40 years, how did they feel about that, and had they solved the problem about financing the firworks and pyrotechnics. "Well its good that people are talking about a win, but we have already won, by bringing this type of song to a pop contest, that is a victory for us. We are very proudfor whatever points we get, and if we get Nul points, then we are carrying on a Finnish tradition, it doesn't matter. As for the pyrotechnics, well you can see that we have got them, thanks to lots of heavy metal fans in Finland making donations".

As is now usual throughout these second press conferences, they were presented by gifts from OGAE Greece, Lordi received a glass trophy with some of the lyrics of their song engraved on it in Greek, while the head of delegation gets presented witha plaque of this years contest symbol. The moderator concluded by wishing Lordi the best of luck in the contest, before the photo opportunity.

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