UPD Belgium: 2nd rehearsal and conference

by James Orton 57 views

As all the artists' performances start to really come together, attention was turned to Belgium's Kate Ryan. As one of the favourites to take the grand prix this year with the song Je t'adore a certain amount of expectation is placed on Kate's shoulders to deliver the goods.

Taking to the stage in a green and white striped top and backed once more by three male dancers and two female vocalists, Kate began with a short sound check and warm up before the group began their rehearsals.

There were no problems during today's rehearsals, with no new additions from the rehearsals on Thursday. The microphone stands are still being used and the pyrotechnics are still part of the act. The only real note to be made was the level of comfort Kate seems to have on stage.

With a catchy performance and strong vocal work from Kate, this is definitely still one of the songs to watch out for when it is performed live at the semifinal on Thursday the 18th May.

Nervous but OK!
At the press conference following her second rehearsal, Belgian representative, Kate Ryan, told journalists that shewas nervous going into the second rehearsal but that she thought it went ok. There are still some changes to be made, particularly to the camerawork for the performance.

Kate spoke about her recent promotional tour and the 12 countries that she visited saying that it was a great experience and she felt honoured that Belgium had decided to send her on the road as she is the first Belgian representative to do so.

Astounding single success
The success of the single, and Eurovision Song Contest entry Je t'adore has astounded Kate and her record company EMI as both mentioned that the single being certified platinum was a fantastic achievement in todays declining singles market, so those sales were astouding for all those involved.

Once again, the subject of the "knee swing" was raised and Kate gave everyone a demonstration of how to do it. The dance move had become very popular in Belgium and so it was important for Kate that the move be included in the new choreography to the song.

Kate also spoke about the pressure of being one of the favourites in the Semifinal and that it is nice to know that people do consider her a favourite song. But she will be concentrating on her own performance and just making sure that she makes it through to the final. Which she hopes that she does do.

Just in case she does win, Kate has come prepared with plenty of tissues in her dressing room ready for the floods of tears just like the ones she shed at the Belgian national final.