Belarus back on stage

by Gordon Roxburgh 29 views

After a lunch break it was time for the second rehearsal of the song Mum from the Belarusian artist Polina Smolova. This time it was in full costume, in a bright red, black and flesh coloured silky outfit, with red hot pants, flesh coloured leggings and black boots. Two backing dancers wear green, with black and white harlequin tops, and the other two are predominantly in red and black outfits. There is also a female backing vocalist to the right hand side of the stage. There is lots of acrobatics from the dancers and the whole number is very energetic. The performance received a warm applause at the end from the fans and press.

The press conference followed shortly afterwards. First of all the head of delegation and artist were presented first of all with gifts from OGAE Greece.Like several other sessions, a lot of time was taken up by translating the questions and answers, and at times the answers seemed to have little relation to the question asked. There were also a few sound problems,making it difficult to hear some of the answers. However the following information was established.

Do you feel confident after the second rehearsal? "Everybody is satisfied, we appreciate all that is being done, the people involved, all is fine".

You obviously need to qualify for the final, what are your chances, and who do you see as your biggest rivals? "We must do our own show, it will be from my heart. We must love each other, and be professional".

You have already recorded one album, have you any plans for a second album, and to include Mum? "Maybe, we may have albums two, three, four…who knows what will happen?"

When you were a child, did you have any musical heroes? "Yes, my Dad, who is a singer and composer". Her father was in the audience, and was introduced by Polina.

Last year, Belarus didn't make it to the final, despite high expectations? What did you think of last year's entrants? "Last year was very different, and this year is very different, another performer and team".

The session concluded with a photo opportunity. Polina returns on stage for the first dress rehearsal on Wednesday 17th May from 14:00.

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