Slovenia's second rehearsal and press conference

by James Orton 53 views

Day three of the rehearsals and it is the semifinalists' second chance to get on the stage and perfect their acts. Third up today was the representative of Slovenia, An�ej De�an, and the song Mr Nobody. Backed again by his five female dancers, all wearing bright colours, An�ej showcased strong vocals during his time on stage.

No major changes to the choreography orto the song were noted,but there wereno major problems and this gave An�ej the chanceto concentrate on making sure everything looked and sounded right. And judging by the reactions of the attending press and fans, everything did indeed look and sound right for Slovenia.

Sticking to the formula of a nice dance routine that is both simple and effective, coupled with strong vocals, makes Mr Nobody seem likely to be become Mr Somebody when the song is performedlive on the 18th of May at the Semifinal.

At the following press conference An�ej explained that he was happy with how the second rehearsal had gone, and that he was still enjoying his time here in Greece. Talking about his promotional tour, the Slovenian representative mentioned the key countries he visited, being Malta, FYR of Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Ukraine.

A Eurovision dream
Talking about his career plans after the contest is over, An�ej spoke about his desire to continue being a successful recording artist in Slovenia. but would also like to break into the international market. He told of how he was a Eurovision Song Contest fan and that it has been a dream for him to compete.

As a treat to the attending press and fans, An�ej and his backing vocalists gave us a small rendition of last year's winner My Number One and before leaving was presented with a gift from the Greek media.

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