Silvia Night shines controversially!

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The second day of rehearsals comes to an explosive end with Icelandic representative Silvia Night concluding the proceedings to mixed reactions from the audience. Set on a lavish stage, the controversial song from Iceland was the last song to be performed on a packed day of rehearsals.

A giant pink stiletto nestling between twothree metre high candy canes was the setting for one of the most anticipatedperformances of the day. Silvia emerged wearing a white and green period outfit topped with a large green feathered hat.Joined bythe two male dancers that helped Silvia achieve victory in the Icelandic national final, she performed a comedy routine that divided the audience.

Would she or wouldn't she?
The sound checks kicked off as the audience waited to knowwether Silvia was all mouth or if she would go through with her risqué lyics. As the song came on Silvia launched into her performance with great gusto and sang loudly and clearly "The vote is in, I f**king win!" with a middle finger up, to a cheer from the half of the spectators and shocked faces from the other half. As Silvia launched herself downthe stiletto slide, she hit the bottomrather too quickly, which caused a brief cut in the vocals.

From bad girl to worse girl
As a second run through commenced Silvia's problems did not stop there. Her mic box came loose and fell clattering to the floor, silencing her vocal. The track was stopped and a technician rushed over to help her, to which she replied "F**king amateurs! I have to do everything my f**king self!" before grabbing the box back and fixing it back on. She promptly marched back to the stiletto shoe and commanded "Play!" to the floor manager. He in turn demanded of her "Play please", to which she, with little to lose by now, replied "F**k off!". He capitulated, and the track was restarted, and she made it through the first full run-through.

The split audience granted Silvia a mixture of applause and booing following this. Feisty as ever, Silvia turned on them next, calling them "f**king retards", to gasps and unbelieving laughter. She seemed to settle down for the next couple of run-throughs, which may have had something to do with being threatened by a 'chat' from the floor manager.

After being taped twice, her rehearsal was over, and she left proclaiming "They love me!I was so good. I was perfect!"

Surprise props
The routine does not at all seem fixed at this time, as each run-through resulted in a slightly different presentation by Silvia, with minor changes to timing on each attempt. Her two comedy dancers perform the same kind of teasing, cheeky moves that they used in the Icelandic final, but there are prop moments which should raise a laugh on the night. These include a 'surprise' glitter shower from one candy cane, and a drop-down golden phone from the other.

Rough justice
Before the Icelandic entrant had even got to the table there was a new controversy surrounding Silvia Night. A member of her backing crew informed the journalists assembled in the conference area that they were to not look Silvia in the eyes while asking her questions. The penalty for thiswas tobe immediateexpulsion from the venue with a burly-looking escort. One unfortunate 'journalist' was unlucky enough to dare to break the rule, and was swiftly whipped onto the shoulders of the bouncer and physically removed!

The first question was theone most people were lining up to ask, concerning the explicit content in the Icelandic song and the thoughts and feelings of one Silvia Night. Ms Night denied any knowledge of the problems with the songs lyrics and reassured everyone that she would investigate this personally.

I have arrived and you can sleep alright
Hiding behind sunglasses so as not to break the eye rule, the question was asked if Silvia had any messages for her fans. She had one very important message. "I have arrived and you can sleep alright, Silvia Night will guide the light". Then it was on to the subject of previous lovers, and the question of whether the reported romance with Paul Oscar was true. Silvia did confirm this but requested that no more questions be asked as it was personal subject and her beau was with her.

More controversial questions were on everyone's lips regarding the rehearsal, and Silvia apologised for her earlier outburts to an EBU technician, citingtheimmensepressure she has been under as the reasons behind her overreaction.

Will you marry me?
Another journalist was nearly ejected from the conference hall after asking if the diamond from the video clip for Congratulations was with Silvia, and would it be ok ifhe used it to ask Silvia to marry him. Silvia reminded the press that her boyfriend was with her, and questions like that arecompletely innapropriate.

Silvia also declared that the Icelandic government would issue a one year holiday to the people of Iceland should Silvia emerge victorious from the competition. When the final question of Silvia's mission to bring hope to the poor people of Iceland with no sushi bars was asked, the delegation decided that enough was enough and left the conference hall as Silvia thanked everyone for attending, telling us we will see her very soon.

We can expect to hear a lot more about Silvia's antics as the week progresses!

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