Dutch rehearsal and press conference completed

by James Orton 55 views

Day number two of the rehearsals, and with just a few more acts to go until all the semifinalists have taken to the stage at least once, the Netherlands took their turn with Amambanda, sung partly in a fantasy language by Dutch group Treble.

Treble took to the stage to begin their sound check. The stage was transformed with platforms at different levels, and the girls' instruments placed at different heights. During the sound check the girls performed an acapella version of the song and the audience knew then that they were in for a treat as they sounded great.

After the accapella set the sound levels were once again adjusted for the girls and they began a run-through of the full song. The girls performed a very simple stage set involving each member of the group moving from level to level and instrument to instrument. The vocals came across very well and the girls looked to be enjoying themselves on stage.

Flawless harmonies
After a bit more tweaking of the sound Treble began another run through which sounded fantastic in the arena. The girls' harmonies were flawless. By the end of their alloted time they had got the performance down to a fine art and what is a very catchy song came across strongly even if the stage performance was a little basic.

In the following press conference the girls were quizzed on the beginnings of the groupthat met eleven years ago and took their unique style of music to the streets of the Netherlands. They decided to try and make their music reach a bigger audience and so released a CD that hit the top spot of the Dutch charts.

Mammoth tour
The group also spoke of their whirlwind tour of 37 countries in 40 days and spotted some familiar faces from those 40 days in the conference. Treble also spoke of how on the tour they took part in a huge TV show for Turkish television. They were also involved in an accident in Sweden, in which, thankfully, no one was hurt.

Other talking points included the girls' own invented language Treblish, which is meant as a fun language that speaks through the music and is a language that everyone can understand. The music, they said, is fun, and the Eurovision Song Contest is a great way to get their music to a lot of people.Following that, the girls gavethe audience a series ofaccapella performances and thanked everyone for being there.

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