Poland concludes today's rehearsals

by Gordon Roxburgh 95 views

After a long day of rehearsals, the final performers were Ich Troje for Poland. As usual sound checks were done first, and just to be diferent lead singer Michal Wisniewski sung part of their 2003 entry Keine grenzen – Zadnych granic. For those who are interested the colour this time his hair is mainly green, with some white in it. The colours of the set change, though for a large part there is a lot of blue and red with gold stars. Just to be different as in 2003, one of the singers, this time rapper Real McCoy (aka Olaf Jeglitza) will sing his part in amongst the audience. Meanwhile on stage the three girls enter on stage, with the lead female singer, Anna Swiatczaks having the longest train seen on a dress since the wedding of Princess Diana. In typical Eurovision Song Contest fashion this gets discarded, to be reduced to merely a cloak, before it too is finally removed later in the song. For the final run through of the song, a floor assistant stood in for the pianist.

The final press conference of the day took place at 20:45, so it was a somewhat quieter and more subdued audience than there had been earlier in the day. There was however still a few questions asked of the group, and it didn't take long before the subject of their appearance in 2003 came up.

What are the differences between 2003 and now? "Every song contest is a BIG party. We arrived a week ago as part of our promotion, had too much of the local ouzo, everyone is very friendly, but it's also a little bit the same, it's well organised".

How many languages are you going to singyour song in?"Well thanks to the EBU there are about eleven we could sing in, but there is Polish, Russian, German and English".

Your 2003 entry is already a legend in Eurovision history, as it was so visual in its impact, how can you top that this year? "It is a song contest, NOT a show contest and we will do our best, and there may be surprises to come, maybe even one more a our lead singer (Anna – Michal's wife) is about six monthspregnant".

So how do you combine being stars, as well as being family members? "So many things have happened, I have sort of lost my children from a divorce, but now have found a great love and the Eurovision song contest is part of a new begining, but most important is to work with my wife".

The last time Ich Troje appeared there was just three members, now it has expanded to six, why? The question was mainly aimed at rapper Real McCoy, he told the audience "I had worked with the composer before and did a rap demo, and that sounded great, so then I did the same with the group, and that worked ok, and then we went onto the final, and we won that, so here I am".

Every time it has been put to you, "next year Poland", you reply "No way" – why? "Well everyone talks of Greece and Anna Vissi, and the bookmakers odds are not so good either!"

As is traditional there was a brief rendition of thesong Follow my heartby the group members. The conference concluded by Michal hoping that there would be some more questions following their second rehearsal on Saturday 13th May.

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