Interview: Daz Sampson backstage at G-A-Y London

by Benny Royston 58 views

After heavy preparations for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Daz is ready to rock the rest of Europe.
Playing at G-A-Y in London less than a week before leaving for the competition, was invited backstage to catch up with Daz and the Girls

Esctoday: How you doing?
Daz: I�m alright, mate!

Esctoday: OK, so you just played G-A-Y in front of about 3,500 people, all rooting for you! Next stop: Athens!
Daz: Next stop Athens! You know, we�ve had a bit of a joke along the way, but it�s getting really serious now. I can sort of feel the expectation of the UK audience weighing on my shoulders.

Esctoday: There are only 60 million people rooting for you!
Daz: Yeah, and you know what? The character I portray is like, yeah � I can do it! And I genuinely believe I really can. It�s not just some sort of PR stunt to big it up, I think I am a breath of fresh air for the UK. I know it�s going to be incredibly difficult, and Terry Wogan said (mock Irish accent) �Daz � if you don�t win, it won�t be your fault�. And it won�t be my fault � my preparation has been meticulous, and the girls� preparation too � you�ve seen it, we�ve nailed it, we�re there. If we can generate a crowd atmosphere of 15,000 in Athens on the night with the families who are voting back home, then I genuinely believe that we can get rid of all this political nonsense.

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