BigPoll shows remarkable changes

by Sietse Bakker 74 views

The current BigPoll results show some remarkable changes, compared to the top 10 list of two weeks ago.

Looking at the current average prediction of all BigPoll participants, the following 10 countries will qualify for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest final.

1 (1) Belgium
2 (2) Sweden
3 (4) Russia
4 (3) Bosnia & Herzegovina
5 (5) Estonia
6 (10) FYR Macedonia
7 (7) Poland
8 (9) Armenia
9 (-) Slovenia
10 (8) Iceland

Bosnia & Herzegovina drop one place to the 4th spot, in favour of Russian singer Dima Bilan who closes the top three. Macedonian Elena Risteska makes a giant leap forward and rises from the 10th to the 6th place. Armenia shifts up one position, Iceland drops two, all in favour of the Slovenian representative, who's now predicted to qualify for the final.

But the biggest change is the decreasing popularity of the Finnish band Lordi. From a 7th place in your prediction, the monsters drop out of the top 10. Turkey, closing the top 10 two weeks ago, also lost some places.

Final predictions
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