EuroJoint: watch Eurovision 1971 online!

by Sietse Bakker 115 views

It's the weekend again, which means a fresh old Eurovision Song Contest is available for you! Under the EuroJoint web alliance, a cooperation between EurovIL, and, joined by and EurovisionSpain. It's time to go back to… 1971!

18 countries were present at the Eurovision Song contest 1971. The four countries that withdrew in 1970 returned, as well as Austria that had missed two contests. Malta was a new country to participate, but unfortunately for them they ended up last. A new jury system was introduced where two jury members, one older than 25 years and the other one younger, of every country were asked to give between 1 and 5 points to every song. Some jury members gave a small amount of points to keep their own chances high. For example: Luxembourg gave 43 points to all other countries, France 107. Monaco won the contest represented by the French-born singer Séverine, who lived in Germany at the time.

Click here to watch the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest!

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