Athens 2006: Norway

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In cooperation with our partners, we present to you a different 2006 Eurovision Song Contest participant each day. Now we present the fifth finalist: Norway!

Final, spot 5 in the running order
Performer: Christine Guldbrandsen
Song: Alvedansen
Lyrics: Kjetil Fluge and Christine Guldbrandsen
Music: Kjetil Fluge, Atle Halstensen and Christine Guldbrandsen
Official website:
Best result: 1st in 1985, 1995
Broadcaster: NRK
Multimedia: video / audio

Norway and the Eurovision Song Contest
Despite a strong debut in 1960 (fourth place with Nora Brockstedt's Voi-voi), Norway's Eurovision Song Contest quickly trailed off into a series of disappointing placings with only a few respites such as their third place in 1966 (by host-to-be Åse Kleveland) and a seventh place in 1973. The country soon became a byword for Eurovision failure, until two girls came along in 1985 to perform what many thought impossible: victory for Norway. Bobbysocks sang La det swinge in Gothenburg to a rousing reception, and took the prize home to a very proud nation.

The very same writer of the 1985 winner, Rolf Løvland, was behind Norway's second win in 1995: the much gentler Nocturne, almost completely instrumental with strong Celtic influences. With two wins under its belt and a series of much more respectable top ten placings, Norway can count its underdog days as over.

This year's entry was selected in the Swedish Melodifestivalen mould – regional semifinals led up to a grand final in the Oslo Spektrum. Bergen's Christine Guldbrandsen won that final, and will bring a song in the Norwegian language to the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time since 1998.

Christine Guldbrandsen
At just twenty years of age, Christine Guldbrandsen has already made people take notice on the Norwegian music scene. Her first album Surfing in the air went gold within three weeks of its release two years ago, and her second album Moments quickly followed. With extensive experience from childhood with choral singing, Christine also plays a big part in writing material. When not involved with her music, she counts skiing and fast cars as two of her biggest passions.

Bare jeg kan fange ditt blikk
Vise klør i kysset du fikk
Tirre deg så du blir til ild
Kom hit jeg vet du vil

Bli med meg i sommernatten
Ingenting er skjult i natt

Bare jeg vet alt som du er
Gir deg gnist, jeg ser du er nær
Svev med meg
La alt bli til ild
Kom hit jeg vet du vil

Bli med meg i sommernatten
Ingenting er skjult i natt

Ingen vet
Vinden leker
Månen ser bort
Og vi er alt

Bli med meg i sommernatten
Ingenting er skjult i natt

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