Athens 2006: Switzerland

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In cooperation with our partners, we present to you a different 2006 Eurovision Song Contest participant each day. Today, the first of the finalists: Switzerland!

Final, spot 1 in the running order
Performer: Six4One
Song: If we all give a little
Lyrics: Bernd Meinunger
Music: Ralph Siegel
Official website:
Best result: 1st in 1956, 1988
Broadcaster: SF
Multimedia: video / audio

Switzerland and the Eurovision Song Contest
The very first edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was not only held in Switzerland, but also won by the Swiss hosts with Lys Assia's Refrain. It was a long wait before a second win, however, which came in the form of Canada's Céline Dion with the song Ne partez pas sans moi, which beat the UK by a single point in 1988. Hence both the country's winners were in French, despite having a wealth of languages to choose from; Swiss performers have sung in all four of the national languages German, French, Italian and Romansch, plus English to boot. In 2005, the Swiss entry went international as the country achieved an eighth place with Estonian girlband Vanilla Ninja and Cool vibes.

Casting sessions for this year's Swiss performers were held in Munich from 25th to 27th November 2005, where organisers, headed by composer and producer Ralph Siegel, were looking for a group of strong voices and personalities – be they male or female. The six artists selected represent not only Switzerland, but five other countries, each of them successful back home and aiming for success for their new adopted Eurovision country.

  • Swiss girl Claudia D'Addio found fame on the casting show Music stars and has earned the nickname The Voice amongst fans.
  • Swedish guy Andreas Lundstedt is a member of the internationally popular band Alcazar, and has taken part in several Swedish Melodifestivalen.
  • Bosnian Tinka is a singer and musician with extensive stage experience and a strong classical training, who was runner-up at the 2005 Bosnian Eurovision selection.
  • 16-year-old Liel hails from Israel and has already supported acts from Elton John to Bono.
  • Marco Matias was born in Portugal, lives in Germany, and together with singing partner Nicole Süssmilch came second at the 2005 German selection.
  • Maltese guy Keith Camilleri took part in his own national finals in 2004, and is a popular singer in his home country.

Together, Six4One are a group of strong personalities and performers who unite to spread a message of peace, and aim for victory for Switzerland in Athens.

If we all give a little

Everybody has a dream
What will come and what will be
And hopes it soon will be reality

But a dream is not enough
There's so much we gotta do
To overcome that bitter blue

'Cause we all know one hand alone
Can never move a rock of stone
It takes us all, me and you

If we all give a little
If we all give a little
We can make this world a home for everyone
If we all give a little
We can dry a million tears
And some hope will grow out of many fears

Everybody has some strength
They could spend on someone weak
Don't let life be a game of hide and seek

Everyone has things to give
To someone just to carry on
A little help to overcome

We all have learned a word alone
Will never touch a heart of stone
It takes much more, more of us

If we all give a little
If we all give a little
We can make this world a home for everyone
If we all give a little (If we all)
We can dry a million tears (Give a little)
And some hope will grow out of many fears

If we give a little love
Just believe it's really worth
Many million hearts are beating on this earth

If we all give a little
If we all give a little
We can make this world a home for everyone
(For everyone)
If we all give a little
We can dry a million tears

And some hope will grow (It will grow forever)
Out of many fears (If we stand together)
If we give a little, just a little
(If we give a little love)
Give a little love

If we all give a little
(Just a little love)
All give a little
(A little) love

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