Tina Karol escaped from drum kit accident

by Sietse Bakker 176 views

Tina Karol, who will represent Ukraine at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, arrived to the National Opera of Ukraine, where the so-called Showbiz ceremony took place, in a great mood and in a luxurious pink evening gown. The dress was purchased specially for the award ceremony, but… things didn't go as they should!

“We followed Greek style while choosing the dress and haircut”, said Tina. As a matter-of-fact, she had no chance to wear it at the ceremony itself. 30 seconds after the artist changed the dress for the costume in which she was to perform her song Show me your love, a metal part of the drum kit fell right on the dress and pierced it through.

“If Tina had appeared on that very place and hadn�t stepped aside half a minute earlier� she would have been into big trouble”, said Oleg Chornyy, Tina�s producer. As a result the evening gown is lost with no chance to be restored.

During the gala, Tina was awarded the title Best Female Solo Artist of Ukraine. Congratulations!

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