UPD Newsflash: Croatia, the Netherlands and Cyprus

by Sietse Bakker 71 views

Severina (Croatia, photo) cancels her trip to Malta, while Treble (the Netherlands) continue their trip after a car accident last weekend. Annet Artani (Cyprus) released her album Mia foni.

Severina cancells Malta trip
Malta is a popular destination this year for Eurovision Song Contest contestants. As the small island has as many points to give away as bigger countries, while it's easier to reach the relatively small Maltese community, artists travel to the Mediterranean island to get themselves in the spotlight. Severina, representing Croatia, had the same plan, but for unknown reasons, her schedule changed. If she will visit Malta at a later time is unknown, just like the reason of her cancelled trip.

UPDATE: HRT just informed to Malta.ogae.net that Severina will come to Malta on 21st April.

Treble to Finland, Estonia and Lithuania
Dutch participants Niña, Djem and Caroline (Treble) are back on their damaged tour bus after a car accident, last weekend. While a temporary bus is currently on its way to replace the damged vehicle, Treble is currently in Finland where they will meet the Finnish representatives Lordi. Their tour continues to Estonia, where they will appear in a breakfast show, and to Lithuania. Later this month they will head to Turkey, where Sibel Tüzun is waiting for them.

Annet releases her first solo album
Annet released her album Mia foni (One voice) this week. The single coming from this album is, of course, Why angels cry. Her first single released in Greece, Goodbye amor, is also included in the album.

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