2007 pools: early April Fools joke shocks fans

by Sietse Bakker 171 views

Two years ago, we exclusively presented you the 1956 Eurovision Song Contest results. Last year, esctoday.com surprised ánd scared press and fans with the story that Sweden would become part of the 'Big5'. This year, five pool semifinals shocked the Eurovision Song Contest scene one day before 1st of April. April Fools day at esctoday.com… a look behind the scenes!

Why today, one day before 1st of April? “Several European media already released their April Fools jokes, announcing events to take place on Saturday or claiming new products will go on sale this weekend. To make it a bit easier to believe, media publish their story one day before 1st of April, announcing a fictive event for tomorrow – in this case a press conference”, esctoday.com Chief Editor Sietse Bakker said. “Now that the fans uncovered this story by majority – and a couple of worried emails later – it was time to admit”.

The best April Fools jokes are the ones that either make sense or are so unbelievable, but properly worked out that people believe them. A Dutch newspaper, for example, once published a story claiming that an entire lake would be removed to make some free space to host a flower exposition. People living in the area started massive protests, but it all turned out to be a joke.

How it happens
Thinking about April Fools jokes starts in February at esctoday.com. A story should appeal to recent developments, should have a big part that makes sense but also some elements that make a story unbelievable. “Discussions about the format are fresh”, Sietse explained. “Announcing a press conference for tomorrow should give people a first indication this doesn't make sense”. A history of April Fools jokes on esctoday.com and other websites:

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A list with the top-100 April Fools jokes can be found here.

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