1/4 Pool semifinals to select 2007 participants

by Sietse Bakker 104 views

As from 2007, five 'pool semifinals' will be organised to decide which countries will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. As usual, the winning country of 2006 will organise the 2007 contest, while the countries coming 2nd to 6th in this year's contest will all host one pool semifinal, taking place on the same night. A preliminary date for the pool semifinals is 21st April, 2007. The format was approved after the Heads of Delegation meeting, last week in Athens, after broadcasters confirmed if it fits in their scheduals.

Which countries take part in which pool will be decided in a draw, which takes place on 24th December. “In each semifinal, 10 countries can take part, of which four will qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. With this new system, up to 55 nations can participate”, Max Paulsson, the EBU's Format Development supervisor said to esctoday.com. A live draw on Christmas eve should be the “official kick-off of the Eurovision Song Contest season”, Paulsson admitted. The host country is, as usual, automatically qualified for the final, as well as the 'Big4' (United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany), which means that 25 countries will take part in the final.

During the pool semifinals, cross-links will be made between the five host countries to present short re-caps of the songs that qualified for the final. “With this new format, more people will be able to attend the Eurovision Song Contest and the contest gets more exposure leading up the final”, Paulsson explained.

All details about the new format will be presented in a press conference tomorrow, taking place in Stockholm. Esctoday.com will keep you updated about the latest developments regarding the Eurovision Song Contest format.

Tomorrow's press conference is taking place on April Fools day. Read more about it here!

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