Tessenderlo to set world record knee swinging

by Sietse Bakker 87 views

Tessenderlo, the village where Belgian Eurovision Song Contest representative Kate Ryan lives, will be setting the world record knee swinging, the move with the leg which featured in Kate's Eurosong 2006 act. The event will be held at the end of April and will launch Tessenderlo's official celebrations for the singer. The kids of the second, third and fourth year of the primary schools in Tessenderlo, about 600 pupils, will set the world record knee swinging together with Kate Ryan, Het Belang van Limburg writes. The knee swing is the famous move in Kate Ryan's act for the song >Je t'adore. The move became a hype in Belgium, nevertheless, it might disappear from Kate's act for Athens.

The party will be the start of a poster campaign, to be organised in cooperation with newspaper Het Belang van Limburg. Every family in Tessenderlo will be asked to put up the poster “Tessenderlo keeps its fingers crossed for Katrien”. Katrien Verbeeck is the real name of Kate Ryan.

Also on Thursday 18th May, the day of the Eurovision Song Contest semifinal, several activities have been scheduled. “That day and hopefully the day of the final too, there will be placed a big screen on the market square of Tessenderlo”, says the Councillor of Festivities Fons Verwimp. “We hope to be able to make a beautiful party of it with some pleasant surprises”.

Eén-program De rode loper will be broadcast live from Tessenderlo right before the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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