Eurovision 1973 online for the weekend

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Today and tomorrow, you can watch the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest online at EurovIL. This feature is made possible thanks to the EuroJoint alliance, a cooperation between EurovIL, and!

The 1973 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Luxembourg's Nouveau Théâtre Municipal on 7th April. In the show, hosted by Helga Guitton, 17 countries took part. Each country had two jurors present in the hall. Each juror awarded all songs with a score between 1 and 5, so each country gave all other countries a score between 2 and 10 points.

Malta decided to withdraw after two last places and Austria also didn't participate. The first non-European country, Israel, made it's debute. As member of the EBU they were allowed to do so. They achieved the 4th place in their first contest. The Swedish group “Malta” changed their name because it could be confused with the island Malta, although Malta didn't participate at the end. For the third time in a row, a French-language song won, as it was host country Luxembourg that took victory again. The voting system with the two jurors was used for the third and last time, partly because a juror from Switzerland was trying to 'steal' the show. The first female conductor stepped on the Eurovision Song Contest stage, this time for Sweden. The usage of the native language was not obliged anymore.

More information about the 1973 contestants can be found here!

You can find the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest in the multimedia selection of our EuroJoint partner EurovIL. Enjoy the show!

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