Treble on tour

by Edwin van Gorp 52 views

The Dutch participants in the 51st Eurovision Song Contest, Treble, will start touring Europe soon, to promote their song Amambanda. In order to finance this tour, the girl group has come up with an original plan, they are going to sell Europe!

Caroline Hoffman, Niña van Dijk and Djem van Dijk, the girls who make up Treble, want to visit all 37 countries that take part in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, a plan that will cost a lot of money. In order to raise this money, they will sell Europe to Dutch companies.

On the website they have put up a map of Europe. On this map, each country has a “For sale” sign. Dutch companies that want to sponsor Treble can buy a country on the map. The “For sale”-sign will then be changed for the logo of the company that bought the country.

Next to that, the girls will put the logo of the company on the tour bus with which they will travel around Europe. The bus and the girls will be photographed in each country and the companies that bought a country will receive the photo of “their” country with signatures of the girls.

Any company (not necessarily Dutch) that wishes to buy a country and sponsor Treble can contact the group's management.

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