Accusations plagiarism German entry denied

by Oliver Rau 78 views

German music producer Marco Delgardo claims in today's edition of tabloid Bild: “The song is clearly copied from the 2001 Danish Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Never ever let you go' by Rollo & King. There is no doubt about that”. Texas Lightning denied the accusations.

Delgardo said he analysed both songs and found out that “the verses of Rollo & King's song are nearly identical to the chorus of Texas Lightning's song. Nine out of eleven notes are the same.” Bild claims that the copyright owners of the Danish song are considering an enquiry about the case. Dr. Jan Schulte-Kellinghaus of German's broadcaster NDR said: “As long as it is not proven in court that it really is plagarism, we do not have any reason to disqualify the band” Tim Schurig, manager of Texas Lightning's record company also stressed that the accusiations are completely wrong.

Earlier this year, several accusations of 'plagiarism' have been made. However, none of them have been proven to be right so far.

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