Swiss entry becomes official movement song

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If we all give a little, six4one�s Swiss entry for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, has been chosen as the official song of the global We are what we do movement.

Taking inspiration from the Gandhi quote, �we must be the change we want to see in the world�, We are what we do is a global movement which aims to inspire people to use their simple, everyday actions to change the world. It was launched in the UK in September 2004 with the publication of the book Change the World for a Fiver � 50 simple actions to change the world and make you feel good. The book, which was produced as a result of more than 70 leading British artists, writers, photographers, illustrators and designers donating their time and talents, quickly hit all the best-seller lists selling 100,000 copies in just 100 days. It has now sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide and is being translated and adapted for sale in countries as diverse as Spain, Canada, Australia, Greece, Israel and the Netherlands plus many more.

A German language edition of the book titled Einfach die Welt verändern � 50 kleine Ideen mit grosser Wirkung was published in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in February 2006. In just 8 days it sold more than 30,000 copies and looks set to be a best seller.

We are what we do is brought to life around the world by partnerships with an astonishing network of like-minded organisations. Projects to date include an education programme, community activity, a merchandise range plus a very active website

We are what we do has also received support from political leaders � in the UK, it was officially launched by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown and in Australia, it was launched by the Prime Minister, John Howard. Others who have got involved include Donny Osmond and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

We are what we do�s latest project is a partnership with Swiss Television and six4one on the Swiss entry in the Eurovision Song Contest to be staged in Athens in May 2006. The Swiss entry, If we all give a little, composed by Ralph Siegel, beautifully encapsulates the We are what we dophilosophy and the organisation is delighted to have this opportunity to jointly present this message on the world stage as part of the Eurovision Song Contest. Similarly, six4one, with its membership of singers from countries as diverse as Malta, Sweden, Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal and Switzerland illustrates the idea of people using their skills and ability to create something far greater than they could have achieved on their own. We are what we dois delighted that If we all give a little will be its official song.

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