Tonight: France selects participant

by Sietse Bakker 242 views

Tonight, France will decide who will represent the country at the finals of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. Et si c'etait vous?

Around 20:50 CET, a gala will be aired through France 3, during which the 21 potential Eurovision Song Contest participants will show themselves. The winner of the gala will be selected via televoting and a jury (50%/50%). Corneille Nyungura will compose the song that tonight's winner will bring to Athens. The lucky ones;

� Fabien
� Kolo Barst
� Chris Combette
� Mikidache
� Tyssia
� Yorrick
� Virginie
� Melody
� Maelle Audic
� Leila Barechdy
� Fabian Ballarin
� Tamara Calhoun
� Emilie Chenneviere
� Gladys Fraioli
� Aude Henneville
� Laurent Leandri
� Julien Lamassone
� Candice Parise
� Virginie Schaeffer
� Pierre Suppa
� Alexandre Vautin

As soon as the winner has been announced, around 23:30 CET, he or she will sing the French entry for the upcoming contest.

As France is one of the 'Big-4' countries, among with the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, the country is automatically qualified for the final of the 51st Eurovision Song Contest.

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