UPD3 No Name not officially accepted as winner yet

by Sietse Bakker 68 views

Serbian broadcaster RTS does not officially recognise No Name as winner of last night's national final yet. RTS and the Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG are currently meeting behind closed doors to find a solution.

What happened last night
12 contestants from Serbia and 12 from Montenegro took part in a join national selection, Evropesma 2006. The Serbian favourite, Flamingos feat. Luis, received four times the maximum points from the Serbian jury, but didn't receive any points from the Montenegrin voters, while the Serbian jury awarded No Name with points. The Montenegrin jury backed No Name, that won under the same circumstances as last year, and took victory with only 4 points more than the runners-up.

As soon as the juries gave their votes and it appeared No Name was the winner, the audience left the venue immediately, while some stayed inside to throw bottles on the stage. Suprisingly, No Name left right away, while the Serbian favourites, Flamingos featuring Luis, gave a reprise of their song, Ludi letnji ples. No Name received 8 points from the televoters, the Flamingos featuring Luis 12.

Press conference
RTS already suggested to use the televoting results only, instead of the controversial jury voting. In that case, the Flamingos featuring Luis will represent Serbia & Montenegro in Athens. At a press conference, later today, RTS and RTCG will announce their decision.

Last year, CyBC withdrew from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest after irregularities in its national selection, only two months before the contest would take place.

On 21st May, one day after the Eurovision Song Contest finals, a referenfum for independency takes place in Montenegro. Many fans and critics pointed out that “last night's irregularities are directly connected to this political situation”.

UPDATE: According to several sources, an unknown number of jury members have withdrawn their votes. It's unknown if this affects the decision of both broadcasters, to be made later today.

UPDATE 2: No decision has been made yet. Unconfirmed stories reached esctoday.com, claiming that RTS either wants to send the Flamingos featuring Luis to Athens, or withdraw from the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. We are awaiting an official statement of RTS or RTCG.

UPDATE 3: To esctoday.com editor Laura Gudim, an RTS spokesperson said that a decision will be taken tomorrow around noon.

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