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Tickets for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest went on sale! At least, that's what everyone suspects, as online ticket box already experiences problems due to the high interest.

The website of, where tickets for the upcoming contest can be obtained, shows the following messages:

At the moment our servers are experiencing peek volume traffic. Please, visit us a little bit later.

What to do?
Now, what to do? First of all, don't panic! We advice you not to refresh the page every five seconds, but instead, retry every 5 minutes. Fast attempts to reach the site will make it even more difficult to reach the ticket sales website.

How long will it take before it works again?
Hard to say. As soon as the demand decreases, the website becomes easier to reach.

Why am I being redirected to a Czech website?
Online ticket box is part of the European network TicketMaster. The technical facilities of it's Greek department are managed under a Czech domain.

Problems with credit card expiration date
Several people wrote us: “When I wanted to fill in my credit card expiration date, I can only fill in 2006, while my credit card expires afterwards”. To support the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, is currently trying to reach to obtain more information about this problem.

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