Anzej sings 'Mr Nobody'

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The writers of EMA winner Plan B have been hard at work producing a new mix of the song, it is reported on the official website of performer An�ej De�an. The new version will give fans a taste of things to come from the imminent release of the English version, called Mr Nobody.

The website promises a 'huge surprise' over the next few days, when Mr Nobody is made public. The hype over an English version fuels speculation that Slovenia have opted to present their entry in English this year, after narrowly missing out on a place in the 2005 final with a song in Slovenian. Omar Naber came a close 12th place in the semifinal in Kyiv, just two places short of a place in the big Saturday show.

Controversy unresolved
Anxious fans are still awaiting an official outcome to the controversy that surrounded the song soon after it won the EMA contest in Slovenia. Similarities were noticed between Plan B and an Austrian song by former Eurovision Song Contest participant Simone. The writers of that song, Santa Maria, apparently made an official claim against the writers of Plan B, and since then there has been no news of a resolution of that argument.

Whatever the outcome, the Slovenian representative for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest will have to successfully pass through the semifinal in Athens this year, due to last year's disappointing outcome. Whether that representative will be allowed to sing Plan B or not, remains to be confirmed.

Listen to Plan B (in Slovenian) at this link!

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