Already 147 sites nominated for Eurowebby Awards

by Sietse Bakker 55 views

The 2006 Eurowebby Awards were launched on 1st February and already nominations are flooding in. 147 different sites have already been nominated in one or more categories.

The awards recognise excellence in web design and content amongst both official and independent Eurovision Song Contest websites. Sites from broadcasters, from musicians and entrants are eligible for nomination alongside the myriad of sites put together by fans of the contest.

The team behind the awards site is not affiliated to any other site, making these truly independent. Nominations are vetted to ensure that no sites are trying to sway the process. Voting, when it starts in April will also be secure and will weed out any attempts to influence the results.

You can nominate your own site and encourage those who come to your site to do the same. In April, we will publish the final nomination lists, featuring the top five sites in each category.

About the awards
The 2006 Eurowebby Awards will recognise the contributions of the many webmasters that work throughout the year to keep fans of the Eurovision Song Contest informed and up to date with what is going on in the world of the annual music competition.

The awards are split into a range of categories. Besides the main awards, there are sections that will reward and recognise sites that provide ways for fans to interact, sites that provide multi-media rich material and also a specific set of awards for the actual written content of sites, something that has often been overlooked. Both independent (fan sites) and official sites will be eligible for consideration and voting in all of the categories.

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