Romanian song deadline passes

by Richard West-Soley 81 views

The deadline for submission of songs to TVR for the national selection has passed, leaving the station with 148 entries to whittle down to just 24 in readiness for the semifinals.

On 9th February, an expert panel will begin the difficult task of sifting through the songs and marking out the best of the bunch. What makes the task less enviable is the fact that they have a lot to live up to; 2005 saw unprecedented success for Romania, with Luminita reaching the heady heights of the top three in Kyiv. The decisions that approve or dismiss the initial entries are all-important if the semifinals are to contain that elusive Eurovision hit.

The jury's job is not over after the initial stage, however. TVR once again announced that they will use a mixture of jury and televoting to select the winner, though the balance has changed this year; instead of weighting the expert jury's vote as in 2005, this year sees an equal share of the final result given to televoters and experts.

Although Luminita was the televoters' favourite last time around, the jury perferred Loredana, making Luminita's victory a narrow one with just five points' lead. Televoters were vindicated by the excellent placing at the international final.

Romania's semifinals are due to be held on 24th and 25th February, with 12 songs competing in the grand final on 26th February.

Richard West-Soley

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