Finland: Three more songs chosen

by Alexander Borodin 50 views

The third semifinal in Eurovision Laulukilpailu is over. This evening Finnish television viewers chose the following songs for the final: Shanghain valot, sung by Annika Eklund, V.I.P. sung by group Jane and Katharsis by group Kilpi (pictured). One thing that was special in this semifinal was that all songs were sung in the Finnish language.

The song by each artist with the higher number of televotes and SMS votes from the Finnish television viewers qualifies for the final.

This is the result after the second semifinal of Eurovision Laulukilpailu 2006;

Annika Eklund:
Shanghain valot -78 %
Sinussa on jotain – 22 %

V.I.P. – 71%
Sivuoireita -29 %

Katharsis – 62%
Toinen minä – 38%

An enthusiastic crowd attended the show that took place in a small TV-studio this year due to budget cuts at the Finish broadcaster (YLE). However the appearance of the former Eurovision Song Contest participant group Catcat made the public even more enthusiastic. The group Catcat sang their enormously popular Eurovision entry from 1994 Bye bye baby. A song that finished at 22nd place back then in the Eurovision Song Contest, but is very much loved anyway in Finland and Catcat have a lot of fans abroad as well. The guest appearances throughout Eurovision Laulukilpailu are Finland�s way of celebrating their 40 years of participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. The other guest star tonight was Vicky Rosti who sang her Eurovision entry from 1987 – Sata salamaa.

The composers Niklas Bergvall and Niclas King song Sivuoireita didn�t make it to the final in Finland�s selection. But last week they made it to Belgium�s final of Eurosong �06 with Kate Ryans entry, Je t�adore. To learn more about the contestants in Finland, in tonight�s semifinal you can read here.

The final of Eurovision Laulukilpailu is held in Turku (Åbo) on 10th March. Next Friday, 3rd February, the fourth and last semifinal takes place.

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