Tonight: third selection heat in Belgium

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In the third heat of Eurosong 2006, seven participants will again compete for three semifinal tickets. The show cannot only be seen on Eén, starting at 20:20 CET tonight, but also through satellite channel BVN, where it starts at 20:55 CET. You can find BVN frequencies at this site.

The participants
Among tonight's participant is the popular singer Kate Ryan, who is widely tipped for victory. Even Xandee, the previous Flemish participant at the Eurovision Song Contest, publically said that “this can very well be our song for Athens”.

The seven participants in the second heat of Eurosong 2006:

1. Valérie Mouton – I can't go on like this
2. Kate Ryan – Je t'adore
3. Kaye Styles – Profile
4. Axel Devries – Alleen jij
5. Laura D – History turning round
6. Peter Evrard – Coward
7. Pim – I'm your man

The songs and singers, of which you can find more information in our Belgium 2006 section, with the three highest scores proceed to the semifinals of Eurosong 2006.

The voting
Points will be given by

� a professional jury: Yasmine, Marcel Vanthilt, André Vermeulen and Johnny Logan
� the Radio 2 jury
� the Radio Donna jury
� the press jury
� televoting, sms voting and voting through digital television

The show will not be streamed over the web.

The album
The double-album with all participating songs will be released on 31st January. It's remarkable that the cover shows some names in a small corps, while Belle Perez, Katerine and Kate Ryan are pinted in much bigger corps. Nevertheless, you can pre-order the album here (Dutch/French).

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