Christian Arding replaces Pamela in Malta

by Sietse Bakker 294 views

It is now confirmed that Christian Arding will enter Malta Song for Europe 2006, replacing Pamela's second song Turn another page at spot number 13. Christian will sing Stronger, written by the duo Charlene Grima and Deo Grech.

Stronger was originally recorded by the popular sisters Natasha & Charlene and it was the first song in the reserve list.
It's the third entry that the Grima sisters managed to get through to the final list of 16 entries (Echoes of Gaia, Only till the morning, performed by Ali & Lis at the second phase, and Stronger, now performed by Christian Arding). During the second phase, Christian Arding performed Saturday night replacing Rosman Pace.

The song Stronger was also the first song in the reserve list for the 2005 edition of the Maltese selection, but was later withdrawn from the competition and was submitted again this year.

Speaking to OGAE Malta, Natasha & Charlene confirmed that this year they decided to keep Stronger in the competition. They also confirmed that Christian Arding is their first-cousin (from the mothers' side) but that this wasn't the only reason why they picked him to perform the song. Together with lyricist Deo Grech, they strongly believe that Christian has what it takes to make this song “an unforgettable entry at Malta Song for Europe 2006”.

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