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In an internal audio round, in which the 50 songs left in the running for Malta Song for Europe 2006, the following songs have been chosen for the actual Maltese selection for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest., present at the press conference where the 16 songs were announced, published the list below. We are awaiting official confirmation of the Maltasong committee.

Nadine Axisa, Pamela and Olivia Lewis have all been selected with two songs. The rules state that the composers of their song which got the least amount of votes in the internal preliminary round will have to look out for another performer among the artists in the internal round that didn't qualify. If they would wish to, the song can be withdrawn as well.

1. J. Anvil – You too
Writer(s)/composer(s): Augusto Cardinali, Giovann Attard

2. Nadine Axisa – Amazing
Writer(s)/composer(s): Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg

3. Ali & Lis – Only till the morning
Writer(s)/composer(s): John David Zammit, Paul Callus

4. Opportunity 2 song

5. Charlene & Natasha – Echoes of Gaia
Writer(s)/composer(s): Charlene Grima, Natasha Grima, Deo Grech

6. Manuel Xuereb – I promise you
Writer(s)/composer(s): Miriam Christine Warner

7. Fabrizio Faniello – I do
Writer(s)/composer(s): Aldo Spiteri, Fabrizio Faniello

8. Eleanor Cassar – Tell me
Writer(s)/composer(s): Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan

9. Trilogy – This heart of mine
Writer(s)/composer(s): Paul Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia

10. Andreana – So good
Writer(s)/composer(s): Alfred Zammit

11. Paul Giordimaina & Morena – Time
Writer(s)/composer(s): Paul Giordimaina Fleur Balzan

12. Pamela – Reachin' out
Writer(s)/composer(s): Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan

13. Pamela – Turn another page
Writer(s)/composer(s): Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan

14. Nadine Axisa – Waves
Writer(s)/composer(s): Vinny Vella Jnr, Ray Tabone

15. Opportunity 2 song

16. Kevin Borg – You're my dream
Writer(s)/composer(s): Jason Cassar, Sunny Aquilina

17. Olivia Lewis – High alert
Writer(s)/composer(s): Ray Agius, Godwin Sant

18. Olivia Lewis – Spare a moment
Writer(s)/composer(s): Ray Agius, Godwin Sant

Malta Song for Europe 2006 takes place on 3th and 4th February. Thanks to Chiara, who came second in Kyiv with Angel, Malta participates in the final of the 51st Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece, on 20th May.

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