24 songs Icelandic selection revealed

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Icelandic broadcaster RÚV revealed the 24 song titles for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest selection. Iceland will select its 2006 Eurovision Song Contest participant on 18th February. On 21st and 28th January and 4th February, three semifinals will take place. The 24 songs have been selected out of 216 entries.

Nottin er heit
Music: Anna Mjöll Olafsdottir
Words: Kristjan Hreinsson

Music: Bryndis S. Valdimarsdottir
Words: Bryndis S. Valdimarsdottir

Music: David Porsteinn Olgeirsson
Words: David P. Olgeirsson

Music: Eyjolfur Kristjansson
Words: Eyjolfur Kristjansson

Music: Fanney Oskarsdottir
Words: Fanney Oskarsdottir

Dagurinn i dag
Music: Fridrik Omar Hjörleifsson
Words: Kristjan Hreinsson

Eg hugsa til pin
Music: Hallgrimur Oskarsson
Words: Hallgrimur/Hulda B. Eiriksdottir

Music: Hallgrimur Oskarsson
Words: Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir/ Hallgrimur

Music: Hördur G. Olafsson
Words: Hördur G. Olafsson

Eg se
Music: Iris Kristinsdottir
Texti: Iris Kristinsdottir

Omar P. Ragnarsson
Music: Omar Porfinnur Ragnarsson
Words: Omar P. Ragnarsson

Pad var lagid
Music: Roland Hartwell
Words: Stefan Hilmarsson

Music: Roland Hartwell
Words: Birgir S. Klingenberg

Sest pad ekki a mer
Music: Sigurdur Örn Jonsson
Words: Sigurdur Örn Jonsson

Mynd af per
Music: Sveinn Runar Sigurdsson
Words: Kristjan Hreinsson

100% hamingja
Music: Sveinn Runar Sigurdsson
Words: Kristjan Hreinsson

Music: Sveinn Runar Sigurdsson
Words: Kristjan Hreinsson

Flottur karl, Sæmi Rokk
Music: Sævar Benediktsson
Words: Sævar Benediktsson & Tomas Hermannsson

Music: Sævar Benediktsson
Words: Porvaldur Blöndal

Music: Trausti Bjarnason
Words: Trausti Bjarnason

Per vid hlid
Music: Trausti Bjarnason
Words: Magnus Por, Sigmundsson Porvaldur & Bjarni Porvaldsson

Pu forst ut a halan
Music: Trausti Bjarnason
Words: Einar Bardarson

Hvad a eg
Music: Örlygur Smari
Words: Sigurdur Örn Jonsson

Eldur nyr
Music: Örlygur Smari, Niclas Kings, Daniella Vecchia
Words: Sigurdur Örn Jonsson

In each semifinal, 8 participants will take part. Half of them will proceed to the final on 18th February, which contains 12 songs. All songs are in Icelandic, but for the Eurovision Song Contest the participants can choose to sing in English.

Iceland participates in the semifinal of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, as Selma didn't make it to reach the 2005 final with If I had your love.

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